Saturday, June 16

Happy Fathers Day

Another week has passed, and we have journeyed westward from the shore of Lake Superior. We spent a couple of nights in Winnipeg—thanks Tom and Mariette! Then, we continued on to Regina where we're staying for the next little while—thanks Erin and Kristian! The trip went well, and we're adjusting to the two-hour time difference. I enjoyed a golf game with Tom on Tuesday. I shot 90; I am quite encouraged with the state of my game. I'm looking forward to scoring in the 80's soon. Erin had ordered flooring to replace the carpets in hers and Kristian's bedrooms. We borrowed Bern's truck to pick that up yesterday. Erin's freezer had recently quit, so Wendy took up that issue with Costco, and they agreed to replace it. So, we took back the old freezer and picked up the new one while we had the truck yesterday. So, it was a lot of lifting and moving for the old feller yesterday! I broke my 7-iron on Tuesday, so I took that in to Golftown, but after a day of consideration, they decided they couldn't fix it, so I went back in today, and convinced them they could fix it! Trump carried on with more lunacy this week, picking on his friends, and befriending his enemies. This caused a bad week in the markets, although Friday let me recover a bit. The Blue Jays continue to play mediocre baseball, so they're a long way out of the playoff race already and it's just June! The Riders opened the season last night against the defending champs from Toronto and scored an impressive win. Yay! Today, we drove over to Caronport for Liam's Graduation—the event that brought us west at this time. It was a grand affair! 
Liam's Grad
Eric and Erica are marking the graduation of their baby boy! This weekend the family has collected at Caronport for the two-day extravaganza graduation celebration. Way to go Liam! Haaken and Grandma Bailey flew in from Victoria. We drove up from Thunder Bay. It should be quite a weekend. Eric had a specialist appointment on Friday. They suspect he has Diverticulosis/Diverticulitis. This means dietary changes for someone who is already super picky, but it's better than some of the alternatives! We wish him well, and better! 

Erin and Kristian are busy hosting us now. They also travelled to Caronport for Liam's graduation. Erin was glad to see Costco replace her deep freeze, and surprised to see her dad carry the old one out and the new one in! Kristian was the hired man to load and unload the 25 packages of flooring material for their bedrooms. Grandpa got tired, so we haven't moved them upstairs yet!
Loading the Flooring
Travis and Joanna are enjoying the summer weather in Thunder Bay. As we were golfing Sunday afternoon, they issued a distress call. Their outside hose bib had sprung a leak and was making a mess in their basement. We found it had frozen and broken during the winter, but only leaked when they turn it on to water the grass. I told them just to let the grass die! Then, we took off the broken part, bought a new one, and installed that, so they're back in the lawn development business! They saw us off on Monday, and are now in charge of the house and lawns back there! Thanks guys! 

And that's about enough for this week. 

Saturday, June 9

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of Lake Superior in my hometown. The weather has been great, and I've managed to get out for a couple of golf practices. Wendy has been very busy again. She completed weeding and arrangements of 50 years of photos. Then, she turned her focus to Gemma's grad dress, and got the tailoring of that item completed just yesterday. I completed my latest renovations in the garage, and have begun assembling a few tools to take along next week. I took a harvest of the rhubarb patch, and got it cut up and into the freezer so we can enjoy it later. The markets were up this week, and I was relieved to manage to make quota for a change! We had our provincial election on Thursday. With the new electronic ballots, they were able to announce the winner about 15 minutes after the polls closed. However, we were not satisfied with the results! The NHL season ended on Thursday as well, and I was delighted with that result—well done Washington Capitals! Riders dropped their second preseason game to Calgary; now it's on to the regular season opener against Toronto. Go Riders, Go! I'm still waiting for one shipment of supplies for the irrigation project. It's supposed to be delivered to Regina, but I haven't been having success getting straight answers from the supplier, so we wait to see!

Liam is off on a camping trip to Waterton this weekend with his dorm mate—should be a great bonding time as they move on to the next stage of their lives. Haaken is enjoying college and reports that he is doing very well—getting good grades. Eric is still suffering with abdominal pain. Friday he stayed home sick as the pain was just too much. They are awaiting an appointment for a colonoscopy, and hope it comes soon, and they get some answers. Erica is getting to the end of her busy season. It's now less than a month before Eric/A return to Germany for the next surgery.

Erin and Kristian had a more routine week. Kristian had another eye appointment on Monday; the doctor was not pleased, as it seems Kristian is having a minor flare up. At this point, they're treating it with cleaning each day, and hoping to avoid going back on erythromycin. They rode their bikes to the park today, but it was so busy, they came back home and went for a walk to the store.

Trav & Joanna got a new deck to the back of their house.  It is very nice; we got to help them initiate it with a barbecue supper Thursday evening—good food, good company! Otherwise they keep up with work, and Wendy tries to help with Gemma's grad preparation by tailoring her dress. They bought new blinds for the dining and living areas. Trav and I got them installed on Friday evening. Today, they invited us along for a trip down to Grand Marais for a meal at a quaint taco shop. We enjoyed the outing and the supper.
Trav & Joanna's new back deck!
And that's about it for this week.

Saturday, June 2

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of Lake Superior in my hometown. The weather has been fine, with a few nice showers to water the lawns, and, hopefully, get our forests out of their extreme fire hazard. It's turned cool this weekend, so I'm not thinking we'll get out for our regular Sunday afternoon golf game. This week, Wendy has spent many hours working through 50 years of photos! There are many! I've done a bit more in the shop. Currently, I'm working to upgrade the ceiling finish. The markets received extra trouble from Trump this week, as he's decided to offend his allies with tariffs on steel and aluminum. Then, the conference with NKorea is back on, and all told, investors don't know what to think. Canada, Mexico and the EU responded with referral of Trump's actions to the World Trade Organization, and also announced counter-measures against US products. Now, we'll have to wait to see whether anyone down there can talk some sense into his head. In any case, I closed off May, well below quota. It really was a May to stay away! The Stanley Cup playoffs have completed three games, and the Caps have a 2-1 lead. Football has begun again, with preseason games already underway. Riders dropped their opener in Edmonton—Go Riders, Go! The irrigation project for Regina is all planned, revised, and planned again! I'm still waiting on the shipments of equipment; one has been delayed, so that will be a problem! 

Baileys rejoiced in the arrival of some much-needed rain this week. They installed the air conditioner upstairs, but didn't really need it. Eric had a follow-up appointment with his doctor—the initial tests point to the need for more tests, including a colonoscopy—oh, yay! So, we'll be waiting to see what those tests say. Liam is preparing for Grad this weekend; Grad is only two weeks away. They've been asked to submit some baby photos, but can't imagine which box those are in! Haaken continues to enjoy school. Next month Eric & Erica return to Germany for the next surgery. Please pray for them as they prepare and go through that. 

Erin and Kristian have had a good week except for a couple of incidents. Kristian missed the bus one morning, and had to walk to school. Actually he ran, and he made it on time! He had his final band concert and did well. He's decided to continue with band next year, and badminton, but not track and field. This weekend he has his friend Omarion staying over. Omarion's grandma has arrived from Jamaica, so his folks have gone to Winnipeg to visit with her, and Omarion decided he'd rather stay in Regina. They're having fun playing video games! Erin's deep freeze has failed. Her efforts to keep it odour-free have failed! Now, she just wants it moved outside! Sadie does not enjoy thunderstorms, and they've been having thunderstorms! 
Kristian and his buddy, Omarion!

Travis, Joanna and crew haven't been over much this week. Trav stops in once in awhile to get another print order underway. Joanna has stopped over a couple of times for a visit. Gemma and Andrew are playing out the string on the school year. 

And that's about it for this week. 

Saturday, May 26

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of Lake Superior in my hometown. The weather has been great, and we've been enjoying it. We started the week with another golf game. We put in some practice at the range before that, and Wendy's game showed the benefits. I've also managed some more practice sessions during the week, so I hope my game improves as well! Having great weather for the long weekend was a special surprise! Wendy has been working on a sewing project most of the week. It's a big job! On Tuesday, we took advantage of the city's offer of compost and hauled two loads to improve the front lawn. I've been watering that in all week, and we've had a couple of nice showers this weekend to help. It's been very dry, so the forests of the northwest Ontario will benefit as well. I've been working in the shop as well; I've completed the router insert for the table saw, and yesterday, I built the fence with dust collection for it. It's working great! The markets were very troubled this week as Trumpty Dumpty suffered falls on both the China and the North Korean files—so much winning, sigh! As a result, I lost money this week. World Hockey Championships ended on Sunday with Sweden taking gold over Switzerland, and the USA winning bronze over Canada. In the Stanley Cup playoffs, we're into the final round. The Caps won their round over Tampa Bay, but the Jets fell to the upstart Vegas Golden Knights. I will be cheering for the Caps in the final which starts on Monday. I've also been developing a plan for an irrigation project for Bern & Alicia in Regina. I have ordered a batch of line and materials, and I am looking forward to installing it next month. I've also expanded my cooking experience with a Keto-friendly rhubarb crisp. It's pretty good, but I want to make some improvements to the topping. 
First Rhubarb Crisp this Year—Yummy!

The Bailey's enjoyed the reluctant good guy (Han Solo) in his origin story tonight! Earlier today, Eric and Erica went for a motorcycle ride. It’s the first time on a bike since her surgeries and she could feel the difference—her knees don’t stick out quite as far! Erica's work in La Ronge was only two days this week. May is a busy month as they have a lot of March year ends, so she's also worked a lot of evenings and weekends, but thinks this will be her last weekend of work for a while. Eric is feeling better. He has been trying to cut out sugar and that may have helped. He has an appointment next week with the doctor. Liam was home last weekend for the long weekend. They got two coats of paint on the dining room, but then he headed back to school. Not much news from Haaken, but he appears to be enjoying school.

Erin and Kristian enjoyed the holiday long weekend, and have had a good week. Today, they were at an art festival. There were able to walk there from Shawn's house. Altogether with stops at various parks, her phone said they walked 11.6km today! They're having a thunderstorm tonight, so Sadie is a bit upset over all the noise! 

Trav, Joanna and crew joined us for biking on Monday, and then stopped in for barbecued burgers. It was great, and Wendy's new burger recipe was a definite hit. She had also made Keto-friendly cheesecake and that scored as well. Travis continues to work out of the office here several days a week even during this low volume part of the business year. Joanna keeps up with her work. Andrew is also back to work. Gemma is recovering from her exhausting exam schedule, and planning her summer activities of work and travel. 

And that's about it for this week. 

Saturday, May 19

May Long!

Another week has passed on the shore of Lake Superior in my hometown. The weather has been nice, and I've been enjoying working on the lawns, garden, yard and in the shop. Development has continued on the workshop, and I'm pleased with how it's going. Wendy has been progressing with applying the finish coat of paint on the kitchenette, as well as doing some paint repairs in the family room and one of the downstairs bedrooms. It's looking good! We started the week with a golf outing, as that is what Wendy wanted to do on Mother's Day. That went well, and we had fun. Perhaps we'll get out again in honour of May Long, as the Victoria Day weekend is known here. It was cool and rainy this morning, so we've been relaxing close to home, today. US markets declined this week as investors live in fear of Trump's frenetic trade and tariff talk, in fact the DOW is negative for the year so far. Fortunately, the TSX made some gains, and I was able to achieve quota. Stanley Cup playoffs continue in the semi-finals, but my two picks did not have a good week, and both the Caps and the Jets now sit on the brink of elimination! C'mon Caps! Let's go Jets! Elsewhere, Canada completed the round-robin and entered the medal round. They won their first game, but lost today to Switzerland, so they'll be playing the US for the Bronze medal tomorrow. Sweden will take on the Swiss in the Gold medal game. 

Erica spent a few more days working up in La Ronge while Eric spent a few days not working! He has had some stomach pain and was coaxed by friends to visit the doctor. He has had some tests and now we wait to find out the results. Liam is home this weekend for the Victoria Day long weekend. He is also playing drums on Sunday and is pushing to gets some painting done. We will see if he is successful. Haaken enjoyed a Queen tribute band in Victoria and continues to do well in school. He reports that his grades are “mostly A”s. We hope this translates into employment opportunities at the end of his course.
Liam was successful!

Erin and Kristian had a normal week for a change, although Kristian had the day off on Friday! They've enjoyed the spring weather, and have been out cycling to take advantage of it.
Spring Biking!

Travis and Joanna have had a good week. Gemma is celebrating the completion of her IB exams—we're sure she did well! Joanna celebrated the nicer weather by retrieving her bike from our garage and riding it home. The whole crew were over on Sunday to mark Mother's Day. Thanks!

And that's about it for this week. 

Saturday, May 12

Mothers Day

Our mothers—no longer with us—always with us!
Another week has passed on the shore of Lake Superior in my hometown. The weather has been satisfactory; we even had a few light showers, and we managed to be out doing yard work and other outdoor activities including golf! Wendy and I both managed some golf practice. Wendy took in a musical, Anything Goes, featuring local children; she was impressed with the performance and enjoyed it a great deal. Otherwise, Wendy has worked steadily on the painting in the kitchenette and it's coming along well. Soon, she'll have it ready for the tile flooring and then, the installation of the cupboards. I have been pushing forward in the shop development. This week I got the mitre-saw table and fence installed. The lawns are progressing nicely; both got cut this week, and I sharpened the mower blade. The markets seem to be moving forward again after a few months of decline, but I suffered sharp losses in one stock, so that took the bloom off my rose this week! The second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs has been completed. There are now four teams left, and I managed to pick three of them this round. Now that Boston has been eliminated, I like all the teams remaining. I will be cheering for Washington and Winnipeg to make it to the final round. World Hockey Championships continue; Canada took an unexpected loss to Finland today, but they should have enough wins to move on to the medal round at least.

The Bailey's continued with work and school. Erica was working at LaRonge this week. So, another week for Eric to ride the bike! Liam is finishing up his final semester of high school, and Haaken is into another semester of college in Victoria.
LaRonge: Life is tough!

Erin and Kristian had a difficult week. Well, mainly, Sadie had a difficult week. She was very ill, but after a visit to the vet, and a couple of prescriptions, she seems to be on the mend. Kristian has started taking the bus, in preparation for next year when he won't have the before and after school program to attend. Also, Erin's deep freezer seems to have called it quits; it's only around five years old, so that's pretty disappointing. She also lost some food that thawed unexpectedly due to the freezer failure.

Travis, Joanna and crew are in a transition with their work as the hockey season ends. Trav has picked up some extra work driving to deliver products in town. Gemma has started writing her IB exams—she has 15 to complete! Andrew is back at work outside of school hours; he's taking on lots of responsibility and bearing it well. We enjoyed tea over there yesterday evening.

And that's about it for this week.

Saturday, May 5

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of Lake Superior in my hometown. The weather has been beautiful, the trees are budding, and rhubarb and peonies are springing out of the soil, and my nemesis, the ground hog, is back and burrowing under the garage! Argh! The golf courses are open, and the greens seem to be in surprisingly good shape already. I haven't played, only practised—it's free! Wendy has continued with the preparation and painting downstairs. It's all primed now. I've been working in the garage/workshop. It's developing nicely; next in line out there is a mitre-saw station. We've also been able to get the bike wheels rolling once again. I got further blood work done this week; I should get a report on that next week. The markets have remained troubled, as investors are living in fear of Trump tariffs. However, they took the weak US jobs report on Friday as "bad news is good news" item, so I at least ended the week in the green, but short of my quota. The NHL playoffs continue in round 2 and my four teams are doing well. It will be a relief if Tampa knocks off Boston—if ever a team deserved to lose, it's Boston. What a disgusting exhibition—they've besmirched their name! The curling season ended last Sunday with Brad Gushue winning on the men's side, and Rachel Homan winning the women's championship. The World Hockey Championship has begun; we lost our first game to the US in a shoot-out. Go Canada, Go!

Erica was working up in La Ronge this week which gave Eric an opportunity to ride his motorcycle all week. The repairs on the shed door last fall made it really easy to get in and out of the shed. It has become the mini garage. Liam was home at the beginning of the week as it was his end of semester break. He spent his time making gluten-free cookies. Today Erica is off to Warman to speak at the Lymphedema Association’s Annual General Meeting on Lipedema. Haaken continues to enjoy school out in Victoria.
Lipedema Warrior Princess!

Kristian had a big day today to cap off a good week. He was selected from among youth bowlers to be in the opening ceremony for the Canadian Bowling Championships. He carried the placard for PEI. He also had a good week at school much to the relief of Erin, and the grandparents!
Yay Kristian!

Travis and Joanna have spent the week in Florida. They returned to Toronto today, and we expect them back here tomorrow evening. Gemma and Andrew have done a great job of taking care of things around home under the supervision of Wendy.
T & J enjoying the view!

And that's about enough for this week.