Saturday, October 14

News Update

We began the week in Regina where we scored two Thanksgiving dinners on Sunday! Thanks, Alicia and Erin; the ham and the ribs were both yummy centre-pieces to excellent meals. Then, we returned to Prince Albert, where we enjoyed a turkey-centred Thanksgiving meal on Monday! Thank you Erica and friends! It was difficult to remain in ketosis through all that! Work has continued on the renos. We have completed the bathroom, and almost finished the laundry room. The master bedroom is taking on mud, so we're getting close there as well. It is almost time to leave for home, so we'll see how much more gets completed before we leave. We bought stain and polyurethane today, and look forward to trying it on the laundry room hardwood soon. I have yet to cut in the hot air vent and the dryer vent holes into that floor. Markets were troubled all week; my winning streak broke after ten straight green days, but I'm on quota for the month so far. The baseball playoffs continue. My teams have all won so far, but now it gets tougher. The Yankees are playing Houston who are already up 2-0 on them. The Dodgers are playing the defending champs from Chicago. The two teams I didn't want to win have already lost out, so I won't be too upset no matter how it goes, but I'm still hoping for that Yankees-Dodgers World Series. The Riders continued to play uninspired ball, and were upset by Ottawa last night. A win would have clinched a playoff spot—C'mon Riders! The hockey season is underway, but my Oilers seem to be asleep with only one win! Let's go Oil! At least the Pens and the Leafs are showing progress.
She's high on paint!
Vanity added to new half-bath
New Kitchen Window is good for tomatoes!

Eric & Erica keep busy with their work, but still find time to help out with renos. Liam drove home Friday afternoon, so he got involved in house repairs today as well. It has been good spending the time here, but we need to get away in the coming week, and I'm afraid we won't get everything done that we had planned to do. I guess we'll have to plan another visit next year! 

Erin and Kristian keep busy with work and school activities. Kristian had a school outing to Fort Qu'Appelle on Friday, and his regular league bowling today. He kept his average over 100—good bowling, buddy! They also enjoyed an evening Oktoberkinderfest at the German club this afternoon. Shawn is always good at finding special activities for the kids on the weekends. 
The boy doesn't look well! 

Trav & Joanna FaceTimed on Thanksgiving. It was good to catch up with them. Then, with Sears closing, Joanna scored payouts for their warranties which will be ending, so they are shopping for new appliances before the credits are cancelled. Otherwise, they're keeping busy. We look forward to seeing them in another week. 

And that's about it for this week. 

Saturday, October 7

News Update

Another week has passed; we have driven down from the shore of the South Saskatchewan, to the shore of Lake Wascana in the middle of the prairies. We are taking advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend to spend some family time in Regina. That, as you may notice, includes multiple Thanksgiving feast opportunities! We've enjoyed fine Autumn weather all week, and glad to see the contractor take advantage to get the upstairs windows installed. That done, we've been making steady progress on our two rooms, and paying some attention to a few of the other renovation projects. I'm nearly finished in the bathroom/laundry room—hoping to get Wendy painting on Monday! I'm also hoping to complete the drywall application in the Master Bedroom on Monday, and then our assignment will be truly in the final days. The markets were pretty good this week until weak jobs' data in the US sent a tremor through on Friday. However, I was blessed with my first all green week of the year, so I'm very thankful. The Riders continued their winning ways today against the Argos. The backup QB came in and played very well, so that was encouraging. Early games in the NHL have played out with some surprising results. Long-suffering Leaf fans are delighted with their two-win opening week. The baseball playoffs have begun; this is the time of year when everyone starts to pay attention to baseball. I'm picking the Dodgers to win it all, and also cheering for the Yankees. If we could have a Yankee-Dodger World Series, it would harken back to my initial cheering as a child when I cheered for the Yanks, and Mom cheered for the Dodgers! However, it's not looking too good for the Yankees as they're down two games in their series against Cleveland. 
Glad it's not me!

Eric is travelling this week. He's down in Atlanta at a conference. We expect him back on Sunday. Erica and Liam are off this weekend to a wedding in Estevan. They should return to their usual locations tomorrow as well. Then, we have another Thanksgiving dinner celebration planned in PA! 

Erin is preparing a rib feast for the Family Thanksgiving feature. We're looking forward to that. Kristian had to bowl six games today to make up for missing league action last week. He scored well, but not up to his usual performance, so his average should remain about the same as a result. 

Trav & Joanna had an excellent month of business in September, and that has continued into the first week of October. Trav has been distracted by the opening of the NHL season as he has to get his Penguins into the win column. 

And that's enough for this week. 

Saturday, September 30

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of the South Saskatchewan at the top of the prairies. The weather has been very nice, but threatens to turn more Fall-like in the next few days. I got the window installed in the kitchen, and now the other windows have arrived; we picked them up today. We have contracted a guy to install those. I will assist by getting the rough openings prepared for his crew. I spent more time on the laundry room and bathroom downstairs this week. It is coming together nicely; our washing machine test went well. I have cleaned up the electrical connections in the dining room, and reinstalled the ceiling fan on an embossed ceiling tile. We're planning to do both the living room and the dining room with embossed ceiling tiles. The markets were supportive this week, and I was able to finish September on quota for the moth. The Jays complete their season tomorrow and it's on to the playoffs for ten teams. The Riders played an encouraging game against Calgary on Sunday, even though they lost. Then, Friday evening, they played poorly against Ottawa, but still managed to win; they are currently in a playoff position with five games remaining. NHL preseason is ending and the new season is commencing. 
One embossed tile in place! 

Eric and Erica both had assignments for work in Saskatoon this week, so we were even left without company two evenings. Everybody's back home now, and we put in a good day of work today. 

Erin and Kristian played out their usual roles at home, school and work. This weekend, Kristian stayed with Astrid and Liam at their grandma's place while Shawn and Erin attended a wedding. It was quite an experience—Asian, with a 12-course meal! Erin does not eat seafood, and there was plenty of it! She did try the crab and prawns, but demurred on the fish, lobster and fish gut soup! 

Travis and Joanna are busy with their PuckShots in the early stages of the new hockey season. Gemma is making good progress with recovery of her arm burn. It appears that it will heal well, and not leave a scar. 

And that's about enough for this week. 

Saturday, September 23

News Update

Another week has passed and we continue our sojourn on the shore of the South Saskatchewan at the top of the prairies. The weather has continued to be seasonable, and we continue to find that quite cool. There have been threats of frost in the area, but I don't know whether we've experienced any yet. We've had a few showery days, but overall, it's still quite nice to be out without a jacket. We continue with work on the house. This week I've focused on the Master Bedroom renovations. I was able to pull in the new wiring, and have the room pretty much ready for drywall. We are still delayed by the windows, so we can't finish that wall. Wendy has completed plastering the one wall, and gave it a coat of primer today. I followed Uncle Rob's advice and kept fixing the electrical connections, box by box, until the deficient neutral disappeared—thanks! I've now managed that on two circuits—the other was even more troubling as it had a hot neutral, and that gave me a bit of a lift! Two of the windows arrived on Friday; I got one of those installed today in the laundry room. The other is for the kitchen, but there's no rush on that one since we aren't renovating the kitchen this year. We're still waiting for the upstairs windows, but at list in that case, we have contracted someone else to actually install them. The TSX had a good week and so did I. The US markets struggled as the economic data down there has softened. The Jays are playing out the string, with their final home series this weekend. The Riders face a stern test this week against first place, Calgary, but at least our QB is back. Go Riders, Go! The NHL has begun preseason play, and we're paying scant attention! 
Master Bedroom

Eric and Erica continue with their usual work, and also help out with renos. Erica had a recruiting day in Saskatoon on Wednesday, so that was a late day. Eric usually (always?) works late on Thursday. We on the other hand usually start late, and make up for it by quitting early! Haaken reports progress in college in Victoria, while Liam continues with grade 12 at Caronport. 

Erin and Kristian had a few special events to close out his birthday week, and begin the bowling season. In his league games today, he raised his average once again, sporting a 60 pin increase in his average over what we observed last season—great play, buddy! This evening, they're out at the centre of the arts to the symphony. Tonight's event features a deaf percussionist—apparently, she goes barefoot to feel the music through the floor! Kristian is beginning band this year, and is also taking percussion, so it was a special treat for him. 

Trav and Joanna are busy with hockey pictures already. Trav is also negotiating to do the marketing for one of the AAA teams this season. Gemma's arm is healing nicely, and it appears it will gradually fade from significance—good to hear! They had a meeting with Lakehead University this week to open discussion on Gemma's educational options. We are looking forward to how it all unfolds. Andrew continues with his regular school activities as well. 

And that's about enough for this week. 

Saturday, September 16

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of the South Saskatchewan at the top of the prairies. The weather has returned to seasonal norms, and we're finding it too cool! There were showers in the area, although we didn't get much rain. We hope the forest fires across the north were held back somewhat. We still experience some smoky days. We continue to make slow progress on the renovations. This week was a big push on the bathroom/laundry room on the main floor. We got the plumbing and electrical completed, the ceiling redone, and the shower installed. We hope to complete more drywall next week, but we're held up as we wait for the windows to arrive. Wendy has been working on wall repair in the Master Bedroom, and is almost ready for paint there. I still have two other walls to build there. NAmerican markets were all in the green this week, and I had a great week, earning a week and a half quota, so that gives me some recovery. The Riders won in Hamilton this week despite having their starting QB on the injury list. Yay Riders! The Jays have been playing better lately, and are managing to cause trouble for some teams that are actually in the playoff races!
Wendy's Wall Repair
Shower Area


Eric and Erica have their regular work to deal with each day. They also got some bad news as the sunroof on their CRV shattered for no known reason, so they'll have to get that fixed. They also pitch in on the renovations as time and energy permit. Today, they laid the interlocking tile floor for the new bathroom—looks good! Haaken reports that things are going well at college in Victoria, and that he's getting around well. Liam is getting into his graduation year at Caronport. 

Kristian is celebrating his 12th birthday today. He started off with league bowling this morning, and has raised his average by about 20 points since last season—good improvement, buddy! His birthday celebration continued all day long with food, shopping and a movie! Erin had a bad week as she fell ill with was eventually called gastro-enteritis. She experienced a lot of pain and missed a couple of days of work, but seems to be on the mend now. 

Trav & Joanna, along with Gemma and Andrew seem to be keeping busy and doing fine. We're waiting for an update on Gemma's arm—we hope that is healing well. 

And that's about it for this week. 

Saturday, September 9

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of the South Saskatchewan at the top of the prairies. The weather has continued to be about 10 degrees hotter than average, and that's not comfortable for me. Today, Eric and I played in a golf outing, and our team won! But it was over 30°, and that's too hot for me to enjoy the out-of-doors! Smoke from forest fires in northern Saskatchewan have been bothering us as well. We've continued our work on the house all week, and made some progress. All the new windows are now ordered, and we have a guy contracted to install the upstairs ones. We'll do the downstairs windows ourselves. We'll also do the interior finishing of all windows. We had a sinking adventure this week as we tried to assess and solve a plumbing problem. It has left us using a 20 litre pail to catch the drain from that sink as we wait for a plumber to replace the drain line. Progress is slow, but we're making headway. I hope to complete the downstairs bathroom and laundry room next week. Wendy assists with the work, manages the laundry and meals, and keeps us moving forward. They've ordered LED potlights, and I'm really impressed with how nicely they work. Roiled by Trump and other disasters, NAmerican markets were all red for the week, and so was I—sigh! In sports, the Riders came off their impressive Labour Day win, with a not-so-impressive Banjo Bowl loss. Go Riders, Go! The Jays are playing out the string now in the final weeks of the season during which they never managed to get to .500! 
1.5" iron drain pipe was not flowing well!

Box Spring couldn't make the stairs!

Eric and Erica were back to work after enjoying the Labour Day weekend. On Wednesday, Liam drove the Jetta to Caronport to begin his grade 12 year. Eric rode along with him on the bike, and returned home that evening. Erica has come down with a bit of cold, so we hope that gets better soon. They also help with renovations, after work and on the weekends. We got the hardwood flooring sanded out upstairs and in the laundry room last week. 

Erin and Kristian had a busy week as he started school again. He came up on the limp as he sprained his ankle on the first day of classes. However, he was feeling a bit better by today, and gamely threw three games of bowling with above average scores—good job, buddy! It is his right foot, so at least doesn't interfere with his slide step as he delivers. They've also been shopping for school supplies, school clothes and new blinds. 

Trav & Joanna attended the U-18 World Baseball Cup today. Canada won over Cuba, and now plays Japan for the bronze medal. Well done, boys! They're seeing business pick up again, and looking forward to a good month. This week they got an order from Kerrobert Tigers! Word gets around! Gemma and Andrew are back at school. We hope Gemma is healing well from her burnt arm. 

And that's enough for this week. 

Saturday, September 2

News Update

Another week has passed on the shore of the South Saskatchewan at the top of the prairies, and we continue to enjoy summer weather here in Prince Albert, about 10 degrees above average. Progress on the house renovations continues slowly, but about as fast as we can work! For sure, there are delays from the lack of available materials, especially windows, but, truly, we have plenty more to do than we can manage in any given day. This week we have moved on to stripping and sanding the wood floors in the bedrooms and hallway upstairs. We have a sander rented for the weekend, and are making good progress. We anticipate having the floors ready for refinishing in the next couple of days. We continue to solicit quotes on the window replacements in the second floor; as a result, those windows have not been ordered yet. We have decided to do the window replacements for the ground floor, ourselves, and those windows have now been ordered. The new shower, vanity and fixtures have been purchased or ordered for the downstairs bathroom. We still need floor covering decisions there. The laundry room fixtures are now bought, but remain to be installed. We also have to move a heating vent in that room. Wendy keeps up with the shopping for these items, as well as working on wall stripping of old wallpaper in preparation for glazing and painting. Most days, she is also involved in preparing supper. All NAmerican markets were up a bit this week, and that helped me have a good week, but I did not make quota for the month. The Riders are prepared for the Labour Day matchup with Winnipeg—we'll be cheering! The Jays have slipped into the role of spoilers, and have managed a couple of wins from the Orioles this week. 

Concerning the Bailey household, Erica writes: The big news here was Liam's successful completion of his driver's exam! Beware! Progress continues on the home renovations, thanks to our special consultants. Who says consultants cost a lot and do little? These two are worth their weight in gold! The city fixed the pipe in front of our house on Wednesday. We celebrated with the flushing of toilets, baths, showers, laundry and then, oops—sewage was backing up again! In comes Roto Rooter and they discovered a grease clog in the city pipe past the section they just fixed. So now we are recovering from PP PTSD and learning to trust the plumbing again. This weekend we've rented a sander and are putting Liam to work refinishing the floors. Also on Wednesday, an article was published on my Lipedema story in the local paper. We hope that it helps other women and, hopefully, doctors, recognize the disease! We also found out how that we've received $3305 in donations against the costs of my surgeries from family and friends! Thank you so much. What a blessing! 

Erin and Kristian continued preparations for another school year. This week, Erin was back to work, so Shawn pitched in to help with daycare—thanks man! Kristian reports a good week, and doing some outside stuff! 

Trav & Joanna did not have a routine week! Gemma had an accident with a cup of very hot tea last weekend and suffered second-degree burns to her left forearm. We've seen the pictures—it's ugly! She continues to resolve the pain issues with T3's and is under the care of a plastic surgeon for repairs to her arm. She has quit one of her jobs, but she and Andrew continue to work for the next while and prepare for school opening next week. We wish her the best as she recovers, and also for the peace of mind for Trav & Joanna. They've had a good month at Ulrich Design, and look forward to continued revival from the summer low period. 

And that's about it for this week.